Swell Mainnet Release Candidate now Live!

Swell Network is only one step away from mainnet with its Release Candidate now live.

Swell Mainnet Release Candidate now Live!

Swell Network is excited to announce that the protocol has recently pushed its mainnet release candidate (RC) to production.

This milestone means that Swell Network is one step away from mainnet and very close to providing its highly anticipated, next generation liquid staking solution for Ethereum ahead of the Merge.

This milestone follows the completion of a comprehensive multi-phase Mainnet Launch Test Schedule, with active participation and feedback from the protocol’s community of stakers and node operators.

The schedule saw the protocol successfully progress through each stage, commencing with a private beta on Kaleido, following into Goerli, and now into mainnet release candidate phasing, prior to final readiness for mainnet launch.

This also flows off the back of numerous audits by multiple security firms to help ensure the safety, security, and robustness of the protocol’s smart contract and overall network design. These included Runtime Verification, Peckshield, Slowmist, Certik, and Chainsulting, with further audits and bounties planned as part of the protocol’s push to provide a compelling alternative to existing staking solutions.

Swell Network’s primary innovations in liquid staking are poised to provide greater diversity, choice, and decentralization within the important area of liquid staking ETH tokens, especially at such a critical time within the Ethereum ecosystem as we march closer to the Merge.

With Swell Network, stakers can expect to achieve high yield, more transparency, and a seamless UX - all in a fully non-custodial manner that leverages cutting-edge protocol design like atomic deposits, proof of stake NFTs, and in-app vaults. For node operators, the protocol is fully permissionless and has received extensive feedback from its fast-growing community of node operators, which enables for the first time ever, the ability to be selected within Swell’s DApp as well as setting your own branding and commission rate within the protocol.

We would like to thank its strong network of supporters and backers in helping the protocol to achieve this critical milestone.

Getting Involved

To get involved, please join Swell’s Discord for the latest news and announcements - and to learn more about getting involved in the DAO. The protocol is live on the Goerli testnet for stakers and node operators.