Verified Node Operator: Applications Open

Swell Network is now accepting applications to become a Verified Node Operator on the next-gen liquid ETH staking network.

Verified Node Operator: Applications Open

Applications Now Open to Become Verified

Swell Network DAO has opened an inaugural application round to onboard a selected and limited number of node operators to become Verified Node Operators on the liquid ETH staking network.

The DAO is seeking experienced, and proven operators who are interested in shaping the protocol’s next-generation ETH liquid staking by running nodes and participating in governance.

Applications are now open and will be closing soon.

Being a Verified Node Operator

Swell Network is fully permissionless for node operators. The DAO enables selected operators to become verified, subject to community feedback and governance.

Verified operators play an important and active role in the development and governance of the protocol and will be required to complete verification, including KYC.

Permissionless Design

In line with Swell’s core principles of being permissionless and accessible, any third party entity is able to run nodes on Swell Network. These unverified operators need only meet the collateral requirements per validator, which at the time of writing, is 16 ETH per validator.

Swell Network is dedicated to fostering increased decentralization and trustlessness for the protocol and is working actively to reduce hurdles over time.

Successful applicants for this current round will be selected on the basis of merit in conjunction with the contribution to overarching objectives of the protocol in supporting initial bootstrapping of the protocol. These include but are not limited to:

- Experience, performance and track record
- Infrastructure set-up and diversity
- Risk management and security
- Potential to positively contribute to the DAO

Application Process

To be eligible for verified status, node operators must commit to actively participating in the Swell Network Görli Testnet to ensure a sufficient level of understanding of the protocol.

To apply, simply hit the apply button below and complete the application form. Once completed, a member from the Swell Core Team will be in touch.

Note: Decisions will be made in early July 2022. There will be future opportunities for the verified list of Node Operators to expand further.

Further Resources

If you are interested in learning more about Swell Network and applying to join the Verified Operator list, please find additional resources here: Discord, Docs, Twitter & Forum.